IwoCPO is a Navy Chief Petty Officer miles from any ocean.  He’s a Michigan native who hasn’t been back there in fifteen years.  Needless to say, the onset of blogs, message boards and the like have allowed him to follow his Wings from the Pacific Ocean, Persian Gulf and downtown Baghdad.

Contact Iwo at: iwocpo@bellsouth.net


2 Responses to “About the blogger”

  1. Azzurra Says:

    Buon luogo, congratulazioni, il mio amico!

  2. Alan Andrew Says:

    It’s troubling that you and thousands of others refer to “bitches”, “pussies” and the like.
    I’m sure, bottom line, you’re a nice guy, but please show respect for others by refraining from derogatory names for people.
    It does more harm to you than to them, but it hurts them, too.
    The expression: “sticks and stones…” is wrong; names hurt more.

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