Missing Aaron Ward

January 13, 2006

No, we’re not talking about Scotty Bowman.  Cason, over at Casonsblog, is fretting over the loss of ex-Wing (and Bowman favorite) Aaron Ward, who played briefly against his former team Tuesday before leaving with what was later diagnosed as the evil “sports hernia.”

God the ‘Canes are going to miss AWard. Last week I posted my concerns over the loss of Glen Wesley. I suggested that JR should look at making a trade for a stud blueliner and a prospect, dangling Erik Cole as bait. David of Red and Black set me straight, so I won’t go down that road again. Big moves when the team is gellin’ are just not wise. I suspect JR will just hold his cards unless the roof starts to fall in. It should make for some third period nail biting over the next six weeks (thank goodness for the Oly break). Mike Commodore has to stay disciplined and Andrew Hutchinson may have to actually guard somebody in the interim. Danny Richmond will probably be called up, but he’s been less than studly in previous stints.

More from Cason…if you can get by the kilt photo

4 Responses to “Missing Aaron Ward”

  1. Olongapo Joe Says:

    I’d always heard helo drivers liked men in kilts.

  2. Casonblog Says:

    Especially paisley ones…

  3. Olongapo Joe Says:

    I remember reading somewhere that most wear those things with their dipping sonar unsecured.


  4. CasonBlog Says:


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