Carlton: Stars no longer Wing patsies

January 12, 2006

From Chuck Carlton’s fan Q and A session today:

Q: Now that they’ve finally beaten the Red Wings (in Joe Louis Arena, even), have the Stars caught up to their rivals in the West?

CARLTON: Any psychological edge that Detroit held on the Stars disappeared in that huge 6-3 comeback win Sunday. The game exposed some of the weaknesses that the Red Wings have on defense and in goal. Chris Osgood finally played against the Stars like he does against a lot of contenders. Once the Stars got a couple bounces, goals came in bunches. Plus, it’s impossible to know how good (or how vulnerable) the Red Wings are since they play in the Misfit Toys Division with Chicago, Columbus and St. Louis. Those 24 games are good for 40-plus points a season. Meanwhile, the Stars are slogging it out in the Pacific, where the worst team has a center tandem of Joe Thornton and Patrick Marleau. Will a harder schedule help in the playoffs? Who knows? But just past the halfway mark, the Stars can say they have as good a claim to the top spot in the West as anybody.

Well, I’d say the true mental block to be overcome is between the ears of Marty Turco.  It’s not a team thing. It’s a Turco thing now. 

As for Osgood…yeah, we know.

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