With clock ticking, Chelios keeps going

January 10, 2006

Since we’ve only been at this a little less than two weeks, I haven’t taken much of an opportunity to write about one of my favorite subjects: Chris Chelios.  I will eventually, but until then there’s a pretty good piece from the Detroit News’ Ted Kulfan in today’s edition.

Teammates were amused when they found out Chelios was the same age as rookie defenseman Brett Lebda’s parents.

Lebda, 23, incidentally, is from Buffalo Grove, a Chicago suburb. Lebda idolized Chelios while going to Blackhawks games as a teenager when Chelios was starring for the Blackhawks.


“To be able to play with the guy right now, I can’t even describe it,” said Lebda, who has often been paired as a defenseman with Chelios.

Chelios is a true warrior with an amazing work ethic.  In his 7th season as a Wing, he’s now played as many in Detroit as he did in Montreal–and only two fewer than he played in Chicago. 

I doubt it would happen, because of his ties to Chicago, but it would be great to see him go into the Hall as a Wing.

More from Kulfan…

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