“When it feels ready…wait another two months.”

January 10, 2006

Those were the words of Sean Salsbury this morning on ESPN Radio.  Now, it goes without saying that he was NOT discussing hockey, but rather Carson Palmer. 

But consider the similarities.  Palmer and Kronwall are each 24, and each at obviously different stages of recovering from knee injuries.  Salsbury, who has torn the MCL and ACL in his knee, was reacting to Palmer’s claims that he’d be back for the Bengals’ training camp in July–a six month layoff.

Kronwall was expected back in March.  At least that’s what the team and doctors said when he went down in September. And here we are in January anticipating a return this month?

Is an early return worth it in the long run?  Will he even be effective on a knee that would be barely healthy at best?  I think we all remember Derien Hatcher trying to come back in ’04 and it was hard to watch.

Clearly, they’re two different specimens (Kronwall and Hatcher), but will Kronwall be a remarkable improvement from, say, Lebda if he comes back now, rather than wait until March?

Would we even be having this discussion if the Olympics weren’t this February?

A lot of less-than-right reasons for a kid with a great future to hurry back.

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