All points this month are big ones

January 10, 2006

Wings have taken 4 of a possible 8 this month, arguably their most challenging of the season. No question that should be 6 of 8, but I think it best if we just decide Sunday’s game didn’t happen.

Tonite starts a three game swing against the best of the East, minus Ottawa. A softball in Columbus interrupts the hazardous month. But it picks up again with a game in Denver on the 21st. And we all know what follows that.

Speaking of BBQ, while the Wings battle their way through January, Nashville faces NYI, Columbus (twice), Pittsburgh, Minnesota and New Jersey.

2 Responses to “All points this month are big ones”

  1. David Lee Says:

    That is a tough road to hoe, but you have to keep reminding yourself that you get to play the Blues and the Blue Jackets eight times each.

  2. iwocpo Says:

    Oh, the die hards may complain that our schedule (division) is weak, but no one’s going to complain too loudly. Good luck tonite.

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