NHL.Com: Smooth Sailing for Wings

January 9, 2006

From Phil Sweetland at NHL.Com.

That sweater is like the pinstripes of the New York Yankees – symbols of legendary franchises with a history of championships. The Red Wings are always a tough test for opponents.

“They are a measuring stick,” said Nashville winger Steve Sullivan, who has battled hard against Detroit both with the Blackhawks and Predators. “You look at their hockey club, the Wings have always been a skilled hockey team and they draft well.

“They were good in the old system, when you have players like Datsyuk and Zetterberg, and they pick up players like Robert Lang, and he’s having a great year. So’s Brendan Shanahan. These are world-class players.”

There’s that Yankee reference again…always an irritant.  However, I think Sweetman meant this in a complimentary way. Did Steve Sullivan say Robert Lang’s having a great year? 


4 Responses to “NHL.Com: Smooth Sailing for Wings”

  1. Matt Saler Says:

    “Did Steve Sullivan say Robert Lang’s having a great year?”

    Must have been a quote from last season….

  2. iwocpo Says:

    That’s exactly what I was thining, Matt.

  3. Olongapo Joe Says:

    “And they pick up guys like *Mikael Samuelsson* and he’s having a great year. So’s Brenden Shanahan, who is a world-class player.”

    There, I fixed that for you, Steve.

  4. Kevin Says:

    “I was glad to hear the exhaustive construction on I-94 through the Detroit area has finally been completed in time for the upcoming Super Bowl,” a deranged Steve Sullivan said. “Apparently the Red Wings are beneficiaries of this completed road project and have the #14 and #20 pylons firmly in place on their power [sic] play unit.”

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