New Behind the Blog

January 9, 2006

One of my favorite features in the world of hockey blogging–the size, scope and influence of which continues to amaze me–is the weekly feature Behind the Jersey’s Christy Hammond writes, “Behind The Blog.” 

This week, she interviews Jeff and Alanah Downie at Vancouver Canucks Op Ed.  Lots to choose from this week, as Jeff and Alanah–not surprisingly–have a lot to say.  But this portion definitely caught my eye.

Q.8 – Which NHL player annoys you the most and why?

Neither of us are annoyed much by hockey players. Different personalities, even ones you don’t like, are found everywhere, so whatever. We just try to find amusement in their antics. But one non-player that we don’t like much would be Colorado Avalanche GM Pierre Lacroix. Admittedly, he’s got a great eye for talent and team building, but a capacity for sleeze, too. Maybe he’s the nicest guy in person, how would we know? But we’re not fans, and we’ll leave it at that.

Well, alright.  Anyone who uses Pierre LaCroissant and “sleeze” in the same sentence is more than ok in my book.

Here’s more Behind the Blog…


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