Turco extends; then gets pulled

January 7, 2006

Interesting day for Marty Turco, who we mentioned earlier in the week as possibly a fit in Detroit next year.

He signed a four-year extension yesterday morning, then got yanked last night.

From Slam:

Dallas rallied from a three-goal deficit to force overtime, then Antti Miettinen scored in the fourth round of the shootout to send the Stars to a 4-3 victory over the Anaheim Mighty Ducks on Friday night. Turco, who on Thursday signed a four-year, $22.8 million US contract extension through the 2009-10 season, gave up three goals on Anaheim’s first six shots and was lifted before the second period.

Mark at Andrews Stars Page has a good take on Turco’s extension:

Whether people like or it not, the Stars have basically dubbed Turco their most important player. That’s because he is. A lot of what the Stars do is built around Turco’s play, especially his ability to handle and move the puck.  Right now, I say this is a great move by Armstrong and Tom Hicks. We’ll all have to wait out and see how it plays out, but right here and right now, it was the right move to make.

The Wings host Turco and the Stars Sunday at 1700 (5pm).

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