Lidstrom for Norris campaign starts now

January 7, 2006



Not so quietly, Nicklas Lidstrom is putting the heat on the Toronto media’s Norris poster boy, Bryan McCabe.

Lidstrom is on fire, with 20 points his last 15 games (7g, 13a). 

McCabe’s best 15 game stretch has been 18 points (7g, 11a).

McCabe continues to play consistently, and very well.  But as Lidstrom’s offense has picked up, his defensive responsiblities have increased with the Fischer situation.  As usual, Nick has thrived with an excess of 30 minutes per game.

USA Today has an interesting feature where they use a formula to rank the NHL’s best clutch players.  It’s based on numbers of go-ahead goals, tying goals and bonuses awarded to goals scored at other pivotal game moments.  Lidstrom is ranked 15th in the league.  McCabe is nowhere to be found.

Dec 25th, Mlive:

“I always knew he was good, I had no idea he was this good,” Babcock said Friday following his team’s 3-2 overtime victory in Chicago. “I’ve coached some real good players, he’s the best player I ever coached.”

Babcock echoed that last night on the Wings post-game show when he said that Lidstrom is simply on another level than the rest of the NHL’s defensemen.

McCabe’s coach, Pat Quinn, has been answering a few questions, himself; primarily about whether the Leaf blueliner belongs in Turin, even on the taxi squad.

From the  Calgary Sun:

Despite McCabe’s hectic point pace, which has him projected to rack up nearly 100 in total by the end of the season, some skeptics seem to believe the 30-year-old blueliner was added only because his NHL coach, Pat Quinn, will also be behind the bench in Italy.

More from the Calgary Sun

2 Responses to “Lidstrom for Norris campaign starts now”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    unless I’m mistaken… Nik is the only defenceman on that list too…

  2. iwocpo Says:

    Al Strachan must not be aware of that list then. I’m sure once he finds it and sees that McCabe’s missing he’ll whine until it’s “corrected.”

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