Lang mentioned in TSN rumors

January 6, 2006

Via Kukla’s

-The Edmonton Journal suspects that the Detroit Red Wings may be prepared to deal C Robert Lang and his $3.8-million contract.

Iwo: Interesting.  We’ve made passing reference to Lang a few times here the last few days, but this is the first I’ve seen a media outlet openly suggest it. 

If Kenny Holland is considering trading Lang, it would be a stray from the norm for the organization and one of the most compelling examples of the salary-cap-era NHL. 

And if the Wings GM is considering it, he must be torn because it’s clear that you never know which Robert Lang you’re going to get: the Lang who can carry a team, or the Lang who seems to nonchalant his way through a game. 

In most cases, I’d think the very fact that you don’t know what he’ll offer from night to night is justifiable reason to move him.  But, Holland and Babcock–if this idea has even come up–would probably hate to look back at a playoff exit that featured offensive ineptitude and wonder what could have been in they hadn’t dealt Lang.

Lang, by the way, has 8 points in 9 career games against Nashville.  5g, 3a. 

In 63 career playoff games, Lang has 31 points.

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