Yzerman: “significant” improvement

January 5, 2006

All three deep-digging, comprehensive, forward-leaning Michigan dailys are vigorously reporting this morning that Wings captain Steve Yzerman will play tonite.  Of course, none of their web editions had any mention of it when the story broke 12 hours ago, but they’re still learning that tricky internet thing.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Yzerman felt ready enough to play Tuesday against Minnesota.

Yzerman nearly played in Tuesday’s 4-2 loss to Minnesota, but two things changed that prospect. One, Brendan Shanahan decided his back spasms weren’t so bad he couldn’t play; and, two, the coaching staff urged Yzerman to wait one more game so he could be “over-ready.”

Oh yeah, and Shanny’s got this back thing going on.  Naturally, none of our pesty, curious beat writers thought to mention, (or even ask perhaps?) that Shanahan’s back spasms may be the reason he hasn’t scored in four games, or been nearly the presence around the net he had been this season.

Ohhhhh….I see.  Kulfan, St. James and Kahn were on to a much bigger story than Shanny’s back.  You see…the Wings shifted lockers yesterday.  Apparently, Kris Draper felt attempts to break out of his slump needed to be taken to the next level.  The Detroit News’ coverage of this riveting episode:

Draper moved back to his old locker, which was occupied by Robert Lang, and moved out of what had been Brett Hull‘sold locker.

Kirk Maltbyalso wanted to switch, and Draper said it was Maltby who originally brought up the idea.

“Then we got everything put in motion,” Draper said.

“It was a big shuffle and we have to give Frosty (assistant equipment manager Chris Scoppetto) all the credit.

“He did a great job rearranging everything.”

Scoppetto completed moving everyone into their new lockers during Wednesday’s practice.

In the end, Draper, Maltby, Lang, Dan Cleary, Pavel Datsyukand Jason Williamswere all involved in the musical locker switch.

“Hullie’s locker had a lot of goals in it,” said Draper, but the magic hadn’t rubbed off on Draper, who has two goals this season. “Maybe this will work.”

We’ll have more locker-shift coverage here on A2Y as that late breaker develops.


One Response to “Yzerman: “significant” improvement”

  1. […] Datsyuk scored on the PP and then Draper shorthanded on a great pass from Chelios.  Ok, ok…I apologize for making fun of the locker shift story yesterday.  Obviously, I underestimated the logistical import of such a daring tactical maneuver.  I now recommend the Wings clubhouse staff move the players’ gear randomly late every evening so no one knows where the hell they’ll be dressing until they get to the rink every day.  […]

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