Now here’s an idea

January 5, 2006

St. Louis may have a hockey team wallowing in the cellar, but the Post Dispatch knows how to cover a hockey team.

Every game day, their beat writer posts on the fan forum with random notes from that day’s morning skate.

The Blues will put defenseman Matt Walker on the IR later today.

He sprained a knee in last night’s 4-3 loss to Nashville. I don’t know yet how it happened, but word is that he collided with a player. Walker put on a brace during the game and finished the game, but the knee was really stiff this morning.

Walker will be out a minimum of seven days, meaning he’ll miss tonight’s game and Monday against Colorado. He would be eligible to rejoin the team in Florida Jan. 12.

What that means tonight is that Steve Poapst is in the lineup and possibly Kevin Dallman, too.

More morning skate notes from the SLPD

In case you’re curious, the Detroit News offers a weblog from their Wings beat writer Ted Kulfan.  Just glancing at it today, it looks like it’s updated–on average–about twice per week.

The Detroit Free Press hasn’t seen fit to incorporate a web log into their coverage. 

MLive, the central website for scores of newspapers in the state, has weblogs for the Lions, Pistons, NASCAR, UM, MSU, the Tigers, video game addicts, housewives and personal hygiene…but none for the Wings.

Just in case you were wondering. 

2 Responses to “Now here’s an idea”

  1. Paul Says:

    Now we can move on to the Wings radio flagship station, WXYT. They interviewed Yzerman yesterday after practice, put it on taoe and into the system by 2pm yesterday.
    Do you think the person who handled the interview would have let WXYT know Yzerman was planning on playing and that Shanahan was bothered with some type of ailment.
    Uh, no, the interview sat in the system when it was briefly mentioned at about 630pm that Yzerman was playing, but of course nothing about Shanny until they played the tape about 830pm.
    Do these people have a brain, don’t they realize hockey fans want news ASAP, not 4, 6 or 12 hours later.

  2. iwocpo Says:

    Being a displaced Wing fan, it used to irritate me that I didn’t have access to local sports radio. But, now I’m convinced all it would do is raise my blood pressure.

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