Friday collision on the way

January 5, 2006

I like the way Chris over at The Upper Bowl, put this:

Ok.  If train ‘A’ leaves Nashville heading north at 85 miles per hour, and train ‘B’ leaves Detroit heading south at 90 miles an hour and a distance of 604 miles between each starting point, how long before these trains collide in the middle?  Well, apparently it would take 3 months and 39 games for an actual contest between these two speeding powerhouses.

Yep.  All those games in hand are gone, so let’s go ahead and put that panic topic to rest.  Heading into tonite’s game with St. Louis games played are equal and two points separate the Wings and Predators.

Because I’m superstitious,  I’m going to hold off on discussing Friday’s matchup in Nashville until after tonite’s game.

In fact, I’m so superstitious that I’ve decided to move my locker from the bedroom to the closet….nah, not really.  But, Drapes, if it works brother, go for it. 

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