Benjamin addresses WJC flap

January 5, 2006

If you’ve been following the “discussions” on various blogs regarding the reaction to the US junior team in Vancouver, then you’ve seen some pretty harsh words exchanged.  Tom Benjamin from Canucks Corner agreed that the behavior was embarrassing.

Both the Acid Queen and Casonblog take Canadian hockey fans to task for the boorish behavior at the World Junior Tournament.

They are absolutely right. There is no excuse for it. I’ve expressed concern in the past about xenophobia in the Canadian hockey culture, but this latest display of anti-Americanism was embarassing. One of the most endearing Canadian characteristics – our politeness, our civility – seems to go out the window at the hockey rink. Canadians booing a bunch of kids for no reason other than where they were born? That isn’t just unCanadian, it’s unhockey, and it’s anti-sport.

I’d rather be a good loser than a poor winner, and as far as hockey is concerned we’re the lousiest winners on the planet. Canadian hockey players always do us proud, and they deserve better from the fans who cheer for them.

Apologies to our American friends.

Iwo: despite what’s transpired in Vancouver this week, Canadian fans in general are amazing in their knowledge of the game, their fervor for their sport and their stewardship of hockey. 

One Response to “Benjamin addresses WJC flap”

  1. CasonBlog Says:

    Damn, I just went negative when I might have held some moral high ground. Let’s set this one aside and go back to hating Sean Avery.

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