Detroit media fails again; Shanahan out?

January 4, 2006

More from Kukla’s:

update 8:22pm, WXYT radio in Detroit just played an interview Yzerman did after practice today.  Steve says he has made significant progress in the last week.  He said he took the pre-game skate on Tuesday and was ready to play that night if Shanahan was not able to go (anothe fine example of the Detroit media failing to find out what is wrong with Brendan).

Iwo: A quick browse of the major Michigan media outlets and nothing mentioned regarding Shanahan.  The coverage the Detroit Red Wings receive in their own state is a disgrace.  The most successful franchise–college or pro– the state has seen in fifty years, and the Wings are relegated to NASCAR-like coverage in their hometown papers.

Go to the Detroit Free Press right now (at 12:40am EST) and you’ll see this:

Breaking sports

Michigan’s athletic program ranks third on list of moneymakers

That’s “breaking sports”?

No mention of Steve Yzerman possibly returning, rather than retiring as both the Freep and News suggested he do.  No mention of Brendan Shanahan’s injury in this morning’s papers or on any outlets. 


2 Responses to “Detroit media fails again; Shanahan out?”

  1. […] For some time now, I have been harshly critical of the Michigan media for the lazy way they have gone about covering a team that has brought more success to the state than any in history. […]

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