Holland on Leaf’s Lunch

January 4, 2006

From Kukla’s:

Holland On The Wings
Holland was on Leafs Lunch today and mentioned at the very latest Kronwall will be playing with the Wings on February 28th.  But he could actually start playing early February if he feels ok.  Wings Dr. would have to give him clearance to play for Sweden in the Olympics
Holland was asked about Fischer, says he is doing ok, meeting with doctors and just trying to lead a normal life.  Right now, playing hockey is not a priority, getting his life back is.  If hockey is in his future later on, than fine, but he should concentrate on getting his health back first.

Iwo:  Like Yzerman, I’d prefer to see Kronwall come back at a cautious pace and be ready for the playoffs.  Unlike Yzerman, I think he needs at least 30 games to get used to the pace again.  No matter how much we all like this kid and are excited about his future as a Wing, the fact still remains that he has only 20 NHL games under his belt.


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