Turco a fit in the Winged Wheel?

January 3, 2006

Well, he’s a Michigan guy.  Spector’s (courtesy of 58Miles2Joe at Mlive and the Sault Star) reports it might be a fit.

THE SAULT STAR: Peter Ruicci reported yesterday Dallas Stars netminder Marty Turco loves the state of Michigan, having played at the University of Michigan where he became the NCAA leader in career victories. Ruicci suggests Turco, an unrestricted free agent this summer, could sign with the Red Wings, as both their current goalies, Chris Osgood and Manny Legace, are also unrestricted free agents this summer. Turco and his family are natives of Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, meaning a move to Detroit would put them closer to “The Soo”.

Spector’s Note: My thanks to Chris Dawson. The Stars will likely do whatever they can to retain Turco, who’s improved play since early October is a big reason why the Stars have played so well by mid-season. Still, one shouldn’t rule out a big bid from a rival club like the Red Wings, especially with the salary cap due to rise next season.

Iwo:  Now that’s interesting.  See article posted below about the goalies the Wings are piling up and you may feel this either is (a) not going to happen because we’re stocked or that (b) Turco is such an upgrade from Legace, Osgood, Howard, etc., that it should happen.

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3 Responses to “Turco a fit in the Winged Wheel?”

  1. Matt Saler Says:

    Well, Ozzie and Legace’s stock may go up so far this season that the Wings won’t be able to keep both of them. If that’s the case, they may think about going after Turco, if he wants to come to Detroit.

    It could conceivably be a case similar to when they acquired Hasek. They didn’t need him, per se, but he was available and a major upgrade to Osgood and letting him go somewhere else in the West would have been unacceptable.

    If they have to let both Osgood and Legace go in order to get Turco, they could just bring up Howard or MacDonald to back him up.

    Not sure how I’d feel about that though. But it’s an interesting idea…

  2. Matt Saler Says:

    Well, it looks like that rumor is dead:


    Four year contract extension with the Stars. Oh well.

  3. […] Interesting day for Marty Turco, who we mentioned earlier in the week as possibly a fit in Detroit next year. […]

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