Huge month for Wings

January 2, 2006

Of the 14 games the Wings play during the month of January:

  • 12 are against teams headed for the playoffs.  Colorado (on 21 January) is on the bubble–insert laugh track here–but we’ll assume they’ll make it.
  • 3 are against Nashville.  Currently, Wings have a four point lead with a game in hand. 
  • 3 are against some of the best from the East: Carolina, Philly and NYR, and occur over a four-day span (10-14 Jan)
  • 5 against Nashville (twice), Vancouver, Dallas and Minnesota in the month’s final week.

If the Wings are in first on 1 February, October’s schedule against the league’s jv squads should be long forgotten.

20 points out of a possible 28 would be very nice.

2 Responses to “Huge month for Wings”

  1. […] As we stated earlier this week, this month is of supreme importance to the Wings.  It’s a brutal schedule.  Maybe Osgood and Legace share duties this month against the league’s best competition, and they go from there. […]

  2. […] to round out 2005. This game kicks off a huge month for the Wings, as IwoCPO of Abel to Yzerman pointed out yesterday. The Wings play 14 games in January, the majority of which are against playoff-bound teams. They […]

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