Ahhhh, Ted

January 2, 2006

He just doesn’t get it.  Ted  Montgomery is at it again, reading between the lines where nothing is there.  Speculating as if he has insider knowledge, when the least knowledgable of us see his “column” for what it is…a sham.

Larry Brooks is one thing.  Bruce Garrioch is one thing.  They broker hockey rumors and have no problem admitting what they do.

Montgomery, due mainly to the circulation of his employer, USA Today, tries to pass himself off as an insider–and tosses his homegrown ideas, without attribution, out there as if they were fact.

Today’s column is a prime example. From “Ted Mouths Off”:

A Detroit newspaper recently ran a profile on Fedorov’s new hockey life, and he seemed disconsolate to be stuck in Columbus, even going so far as to suggest regret about his decision to leave Detroit.

Really Ted?  Care to quote that article?  I will, and you’ll see that no where does Fedorov appear “disconsolate,” and he doesn’t come close to “expressing regret” at leaving Detroit

Courtesy of the Detroit Free Press, via the San Jose Mercury News.

“I’m up for the challenge,” he said recently after practice in Columbus. “This is nice.”

You’re right Ted.  He sounds downright suicidal.

Two weeks ago, Fedorov scored his first goal for the Blue Jackets. As it happened, it was also his first goal of the season – he missed 13 games in California with a groin pull. The goal wasn’t his most elegant, a rebound slapper on the fly, but it helped beat the New York Islanders, 4-3, in a shootout.

He didn’t look as fast, but he came off the ice smiling.

Manically depressed, right Ted?

Look, I have no problem with a writer who speculates, assumes, opines, editorializes, guesses or predicts.  But, to paraphrase another article and interpret it to support your own agenda is unprofessional and typical of his style.

Fedorov feature in SJ Merc. News.

Montgomery “column.”

For the record, do I think Fedorov regrets leaving?  Absolutely.  But he’s never said it, and after following his career for nearly 15 years, I don’t believe he ever will.

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