Brodeur/Zetterberg rumor

January 1, 2006

From the Toronto Sun (courtesy of Kukla’s)

“A recent report out of nearby New York suggested the Detroit Red Wings might be willing to ship flashy forward Henrik Zetterberg and goalie Manny Legace to Jersey in exchange for Brodeur, the two-time Vezina Trophy winner who has backstopped the Devils to three Stanley Cup championships.”


Iwo: Whew…would that be the most talked-about trade in recent Wing history, or what?  If Holland were to consider it, it would be the epitome of mortgaging the future for the present. 

Brodeur, 34, would be an upgrade for sure.  But an upgrade at the cost of Zetterberg?

Interesting to see what the Wing fans who clamor for improvement in the net would think of this trade scenario.

2 Responses to “Brodeur/Zetterberg rumor”

  1. jetblast Says:

    as a devils fan would hate to see marty go he has been great to this team.hes having an off year and with the new rule changes this is not the type of hockey he is use too.but with lou lamarillo as our gm this trade would not surprise me.

  2. iwocpo Says:

    And it would be tough for us to see Zetterberg go. Like most trade rumors out there this probably doesn’t have much weight to it. But, of the many we all read and hear about, this one seems to benefit both teams. Hard for fans of either team to say they’d like to see this one happen. Thanks for the reply.

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