Yzerman update..kinda

December 31, 2005

MLive’s Ansar Kahn apparently spoke with Steve Yzerman yesterday regarding his injury and timetable for return.


From Mlive:

After sustaining two separate groin injuries this season, Detroit Red Wings captain Steve Yzerman isn’t taking any chances.

So when he didn’t feel right while trying to practice at full speed on Monday, Yzerman didn’t hesitate to stay off the ice for a couple of days to give the injury a little more time to heal.

“I just skated a couple of times lightly last week and then tried to increase the tempo (on Monday) and didn’t feel very good,” Yzerman said. “So I just thought I’d take a few more days off the ice and try to avoid aggravating it and continue with off-ice (workouts). I’ll start skating lightly (today) and try to increase it each day.”


Naturally, because he’s a Wing beat writer, Khan avoided asking any difficult questions.  If you’re not a Wings fan you may not understand just how reflective this story is of the apathetic Detroit media.

Yzerman talks to the press so infrequently these days, and when he does the beat writers miss the boat.  I don’t mean the guy has to ask the retirement question. I’m sure that takes more courage than the average PR lackey (Wing beat writer) has.

But you’re talking to the captain. Ask him about the team.  Ask about Legace/Osgood.  Ask him to discuss the close divisional race.

Do your job.

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Down toward the bottom you’ll see that Nik Kronwall has begun practicing with the team.  Wow…I may have used that in the lead or the first bridge Ansar.  I know, I’m just a stupid Sailor, but that seems obvious.


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