Bowman visits Mid-Michigan

December 30, 2005

And stopped in my hometown of Saginaw.  He had this to say, courtesy of the Midland Daily News, about the hopeful return of Steve Yzerman:


“I talked with him in Tampa a week ago, and he’s had some bad luck this year,” Bowman said. “Possibly because he didn’t play last year. He’s had some pulled muscle problems in both legs. I think he’ll probably pace himself.

     “Down the stretch, it’s going to help that he hasn’t played much in the first half. His knee is holding up pretty well. A lot of people have predicted that his knee is bad and he won’t be able to play anymore.”


Iwo:  I see no reason to rush him back anytime soon.  I’ve heard Langenbrunner’s name passed around as a deadline acquisition.  Getting Yzerman back around that timeframe is of equal value, IMO.



5 Responses to “Bowman visits Mid-Michigan”

  1. Paul Says:

    Bowman basically said the sme thing on Detroit radio yesterday and added he thought Yzerman would be a big help for them in the 2nd half.

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