Resilient Osgood

December 29, 2005

Apt description of the Wings current starting goaltender from Andrews Stars Page.

“I’ve always like Osgood because he is resilient. People can laugh about that Game 5 Jamie Langenbrunner goal in the 1998 Conference Finals, but Osgood bounced back and pitched a shutout in Game 6 to clinch the series and then went on to win a Stanley Cup.”

Wings fans are most definitely split.  Perhaps no subject in the last five years has earned the volume of discussion Chris Osgood prompts.  Furious 13, from the Detroit News Wings Forum:

“All the bashers complain he is inconsistant and hasn;t “stolen” a game for us. Guess what? He stole that game for us against Dallas with his play in the 1st period. A lesser goalie would have let 3 or 4 of those in and who could blaim him when Dallas has 13 shots, 11 of which were quality scoring chances.”

Completely agree. I’ve been waiting for months to see if one of our goalies would steal a game and that’s exactly what he did.  Ozzie supporters will say he’s been heading toward this type of performance his last several starts.  Detractors will say it’s the same old mercurial Ozzie and that he owns Dallas, anyway.

Furious 13 went on to make this comparison:

“Oh and stats are real nice to look at for judging goalies. but seriously only one stat really matters; wins. And Ozzy is now 11-3-3. Yup that sure is inconsistancy at it’s finest. That’s a .647 winning percentage. Luongo-.382, Brodeur-.448, Belfour-.536, Joseph-.555. Legace-.684. I’d say we have 2 pretty consistant goalies in the stat that matters most.”

Sorry, bud. Gotta disagree on that one.  Luongo, Brodeur and probably Belfour would all have significantly higher winning percentages playing for the Wings so those numbers are skewed a bit.

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